“Sophisticated… light-hearted… experimental…. all this and much more” Giovanni Linke, IL MUCCHIO
“A band which is capable of evoking ancient atmospheres while remaining free of nostalgia, and looking fearlessly ahead” Simone Bardazzi, ROCKERILLA
“…free from conventions” Barbara Santi, RUMORE
“…with an elegant signature style…”Bizarre, BLOW UP

La Metralli is an eclectic Italian band founded between Modena and Bologna (Italy) in 2008.

The band has released two albums “Del mondo che vi lascio” (2011) and “Qualche grammo di gravità” (also recorded in English “Few Grams Of Gravity“, 2013). The videoclip of the track “The Travellers’ Hymn” was officially selected at the 2014 Independent New York Film Festival and the whole album ”Qualche grammo di gravità” has been selected among the best 50 albums of the year 2014 by one of the most renowned Italian music associations “Premio Luigi Tenco”.

The band won the “Premio Ciampi” in 2012 (Ciampi Prize honors the best original lyrics and musical composition) with the ballad “Piovevo“.
We have also been on air with the American TV series “Missing” on the ABC, and on SKY Italy, with the song “Prima che il vento”. We have composed and played the soundtrack for the iPad app for kids “Play Art”, which has won the “The Lovie Awards” in London. We have also been in contact with Ryat (Ninja Tune label) for a collaboration proposal in her european tour.

We have been selected as guest band and went to play at Palafiori in Casa Sanremo on February 18th 2014, during the last edition of the Festival of Sanremo (the major national festival of Italian music).

Our albums have been very positively reviewed so far. By the way of an example, it got 8 on Mucchio and gor a two-pages interview articole on Rockerilla. They both are very prestigious music magazines in Italy.

The band is going to release the third album in 2017. 

The band can either perform in Italian or in English.

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  • Foto di Milena Taneggi

    Foto di Milena Taneggi

  • Foto di Milena Taneggi

    Foto di Milena Taneggi

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    La Metralli, 2013

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    Ellittica making of the video


Meike Clarelli (composer, singer, guitar)

Davide Fasulo (composer, singer, programming, piano, violin, cello, beatbox)

Marcella Menozzi (acoustic and electric guitar)

Christian Pepe (bass, double bass)

Cesare Martinelli (drums, percussions)

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